Botau Construction is a leader in building projects using innovative light steel frame (LSF) designs. The LSF building system is based completely on dry building, with the exception of the foundation. This system can be used for putting up quality stable large-scale building projects.


The LSF building system is a fully standardised concept, controlled by CAD/CAM software and computer applications. Botau has developed one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. We use leading-edge engineering and assembly techniques in our daily operations, and take responsibility for the software support and project engineering.




LSF building is popular because of the:


  • High level of efficiency and precision (due to pre-fab technology);
  • High quality industrialisation (can be used for mass production and construction);
  • High quality standards (due to the high degree of structural stability);
  • Short construction times (less than 60% of the construction time of the traditional method);
  • User-friendliness and environmental friendliness (easy to assemble, less waste, 100% recyclable);
  • Low dead weight (fewer requirements for foundation and logistics due to the light weight);
  • Overall cost return;
  • Energy efficiency (easy maintenance of desired temperature; floor, roof and walls are insulated).



Light Steel Frame Technologie